Responsive Designs

Having a Responsive Website means your website performs the same functions whether it is being used on a desktop, mobile or a tab.

  • 52% of the UK population own a smart phone
  • There are more smart phone users than people in the UK
  • 93% of smart phone users access the internet via their smart phone
  • 28% of all internet usage is from a mobile phone
  • eBay sells something via a mobile phone every two seconds
  • Mothers day 2012 – 50% of all online sales came from mobile devices
  • 28% of people in the UK have purchased something using their phone
  • eBay forecasts $8 billion in mobile sales this year (one sale per second)
  • 40% of mobile searchers are looking for local information/products/services
  • 53% of people in the UK are ‘dual screening’ (using phone whilst watching TV for example)
  • Total of $241 billion in mobile transactions in 2011
  • 19% of search queries in the travel industry are from mobiles (was 11% in 2011)
  • 16% of search queries in retail are from mobiles (was 10% in 2011)
  • 19% of search queries in the entertainment industry are from mobiles (was 10% in 2011)



The Problem ..

Unless a website is designed specifically to be viewed on a mobile or a tab it is not going to perform as intended. The website content cannot be viewed without zooming in and panning left to right just to view the full content of the web page. Some images and animation cannot be seen on smart phones. Forms are difficult to fill and buttons too small for large thumbs on a small screen. All of this results in a poor user experience and puts mobile users off interacting with the site.

The solution…..

A mobile optimised website sits alongside your existing website and opens up automatically whenever a mobile phone browser is accessing your main website. The mobile site is designed with the small screen in mind, allowing the user to access important areas of your site efficiently. It takes advantage unique features of the phone by allowing users to call you directly from the website through a simple tap on the screen. The GPS capability on phone allows your mobile site’s users to be directed to your business from their current location.

If your business does not have a mobile site you are risking losing 28% of your on-line customers. This figure is growing fast with more and more people accessing the internet via their mobile phones.

The Cost

From £395 + Vat
Not all websites are the same but a mobile website can be created from most existing websites for just £395 + vat.

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